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Deciphering Interior Design & Decorating


Interior design and decorating is an exciting, creative expression, and ever changing process, and in this complex world of colour, shape, and composition, decorating your home can be a minefield of confusion and indecision.

To help you on your way, we have put together some useful pointers to help you navigate the process:

Less is more – don’t over-do the detail

When you’re giving your house a fresh look, it can be tempting to cram in as many lovely things as you can: fight the temptation! Choose at least a loose theme to unite all your choices, and always aim for the more minimalist end of the scale. You’ll probably find you need less than you thought.

Don’t clash, contrast

Patterned and plain, textured and smooth, old and new, bold and subdued: ‘eclectic’ is very much ‘in’ at the moment. But make sure your choices are in-keeping with your vision for the space, and that the contrast is striking and pleasing, not eye-wateringly clashing.

It is YOUR space – remember it’s for you

It’s easy to lose sight of the main reason for interior design: creating a space you can enjoy. Keep your personal tastes and preferences foremost (not just what the neighbours have done to their home) and you’ll end up getting years of pleasure from your décor.

Function, Form and Balance

Those of us who love a beautiful and striking spaces are sometimes happy to sacrifice some functionality for great visual impact. But make sure to keep the two in balance; remember you do have to live there.

It is a process

Changing your décor is (or should be) an organic process, that evolves as you grow into the space and realise your likes and dislikes, as well as your practical needs. Don’t rush into purchases or radical changes as chances are, you’ll be stuck with them for at least a few years. Stand back – look at the space, feel it…take your time!

Always quality over quantity

It’s far better to save up for a few quality pieces than inundate your house with cheap tat. Quality shines through, and that low-cost lookalike will probably break within the month anyway.

The temptation to push your furniture up against the walls – Don’t do it!

Unless you absolutely have to do it – don’t push your furniture up against the wall. Having your furniture a few inches from the walls, gives the space room to breathe, and adds a more intimate feel that pulls all the elements together, to create a warm and welcoming space.

Be courageous

If you love it, you’ve thought about it, and you’re sure you’re going to love it for time to come, go for it! The best creative minds have the courage to go against the grain, and dance to the beat of their own drums.

Shedding some light

Well placed lighting is absolutely key for a room that’s comfortable and cosy instead of bleak and cold. Generally speaking, lamps are a safe bet for creating a well-lit but gentle tone that relaxes and soothes.

Don’t fight the space

Don’t try and defy the intrinsic architecture of your rooms. Certain designs are suited to certain types and sizes of space. Work with these tendencies rather than against them, and you’ll end up with a harmonious and coherent effect.

Finishing touches

Accessories are the finishing touch which can bring a room from drab to fab. Choose carefully, highlighting and emphasising the elements you prefer, accenting the colour scheme, and pulling together the elements of the room into a united whole.

For interior design that you’ll be loving for years to come, embrace your creativity, choose quality products carefully, and work with the space to transform your home into a relaxing place that brings you joy every day.

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